Type of business: premium and mid-range perfumery and biocosmetics shop.
Shop concept: the wide range of shops with unique design, cozy atmosphere, a high level of customer service culture and professional sound quality perfumery and bio-cosmetics assortment.

Store format:
- Store in a free standing building (the area of 25-50 sq. m.);
- Shop trade center gallery (the area of 15-30 square meters);
- „Isle" in the gallery of the shopping center (the area of 5-10 square meters);
Located on the first floor, with a separate entrance and showcases.

The catalogue of “Dzintars” lists more than 1,000 cosmetic and perfume items:
- Products for body, face and hair care;
- Decorative cosmetics;
- Male and female perfumes.
The lines of natural and organic cosmetics of the brand are certified by the French company ECOCERT.

Consumer target audience: Women and men with important cosmetic and perfumery products quality.

Investment: 15000-20000 euro, depending on the selected format and store size.

Goods delivery method: direct delivery from the manufacturer in advance.

Payback time: 18-24 months, depending on the chosen management system.

Store visualization:

Island visualization:

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Franchise commercial terms:

- A one-off payment (license fee): None
- Royalties (deductions from turnover): none
- Advertising (marketing) Foundation: no
- For the acquisition of terms: advance
- Coefficient of retail markup on products: 2.5 - 5.00

Investments in the store opening:

Format "Shop":
- Repair and izgotolenie furniture - 500-750 EUR / sq.m.
- The purchase of products (primary inventory in 1-2 months) - 5000-7000 EUR

Format "island":
- Furniture - 700-850 EUR / sq.m.
- The purchase of products (primary inventory in 1-2 months) - 5000-7000

Franchise Package content :

- Individual design project for store;
- Technical documentation for the production of commercial equipment and furniture;
- Management of corporate identity store;
- Free training at the training center Dzintars in Riga, providing a set of training
materials (travel and accommodation not paid);
- Calculation of stage order (for the primary commodity content store);
- Working Manual (standards of customer service, merchandising product placement, uniforms for sale perons, politics marketing campaigns, maps loyal customers, gift cards);
- Starting Included Parts layout of promotional materials (typical layouts for posters and publications).

Phone: + 371 67103973 Fax: + 371 67623797 E-mail: project@dzintars.lv