DZINTARS offers a wide range of bio-cosmetics including face, body and hair care products. DZINTARS bio-cosmetics contain about 90% ingredients of natural origin and bioactive substances and are designed to stimulate the natural skin self-repair processes, protect the skin and hair from negative environmental effects and prevent premature ageing of the skin. According to the results of long-term investigations and discoveries in cosmetology, biology and medicine as well as the achievements in the technology for manufacturing of bioactive substances, DZINTARS has established its own manufacturing of extracts and has developed a low-impact technology for the processing of valuable medicinal plants at low temperatures. Use of such extracts along with the high-quality biological components boosts the efficiency of cosmetic products. Nearly 150 names of different vegetable extracts, natural oils and products made by the methods of contemporary biotechnology are used in the process of manufacturing. To ensure high efficiency of cosmetic products, plant raw materials for the obtaining of extracts are bought in the countries of their origin, i.e. aloe from Mexico, ginseng from China, Altai sea buckthorn from Altai (Russia). For many years we have been working with the leading suppliers of this industry sector who are well-known for the quality and reliability of their products. Consumers of different age groups and with different income levels will be able to find a suitable cosmetic product in the large variety of DZINTARS bio-cosmetics. The Kredo Natur cosmetic line for the whole family offers a wide range of products for personal care. The line represents creams for face, hands, body, feet as well as a large selection of shampoos and conditioners for hair, and products for children. Cosmetic products of the Antioxidant line developed on the basis of the Australian tea tree oil and vegetable extracts having antioxidant properties give the possibility to prolong youth of the skin of your face, hands, feet and body. The Sea Secret cosmetic product line containing sea collagen, hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract is the best seller. The products of this line have been designed to ensure deep moisturising of the skin, improvement in its firmness, complexion and smoothing out of the first wrinkles. Nature’s Recipe with cocoa butter and soy peptides line has been developed for intensive nourishment, improvement in elasticity of the skin and smoothing out of wrinkles. The special hypo-allergenic version of the Nature’s Recipe line is intended for the effective care for sensitive skin. It contains sesame oil, immortelle extract and the most carefully selected natural ingredients. The Real Dream line includes products Real Dream Anti-Age intended to slow down ageing of the skin and cosmetic products Real Dream Anti-Wrinkle intended to combat wrinkles and lines marked a revolution in the fight against ageing. The Real Dream line includes the innovative peptides SYN®-AKE and SYN®-COOL are recognised as the most effective ingredients in the anti-age cosmetics. Products of this line are protected by a patent. The Opera anti-age cosmetics have embodied the entire experience accumulated in fight with wrinkles and lines, lighten and enhance the structure of the skin, and have a rejuvenating action. DZINTARS also offers natural and organic cosmetics Organic Style. The line includes three sub ranges: Organic Style Clean Skin for skin cleansing, Organic Style Hydrocomfort for intensive moisturising of the skin, Organic Style Anti-Age against skin ageing. DZINTARS has paid special attention to foot care having developed a special Perfect Feet line on the basis of the balanced combination of the unique manuka oil and cocoa butter. There is also a special version of Perfect Feet for diabetics (upon request). Products intended to care for the teenage skin problems deserve special attention. Two cosmetic lines Hit and Be Trendy help manage such troubles as blackheads and acne. The patented formula of sun protection products contains a powerful agent dieton which has an antioxidant action, normalises oxidation-reduction processes in the tissues, stimulates the processes of regeneration, increases radio resistance of the skin to solar radiation, and prevents sunburn. The range of products of DZINTARS is regularly supplemented taking into consideration tendencies in the industry sector and consumer wishes.


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