The history of Dzintars dates back to the mid-19th century at the H.A.Brieger factory in Riga, Stabu Street. This historic company is now known as Dzintars.


Dzintars has developed and refined its products to be more natural and higher quality  - all products contain at least 95% natural ingredients.


Since 2020, the owner of the Dzintars brand is H.A.Brieger Ltd. The name of the company and factory has been changed to the historical one - H.A.Brieger - but the legendary name Dzintars has been preserved for cosmetic products.

In March 2021, shortly after the brand and the legendary factory changed hands, the much-loved and revitalised brand was on the shelves in Latvia, soon followed by Lithuania and Estonia, as well as Georgia.

The legendary Dzintars lip balms, hair care products, sunscreens, shower gels and hand soaps, as well as the once-popular Nivea multi-purpose cream, now renamed Nica, became available again.

Since 2022, the range also includes two high-quality toothpaste lines developed in the Dzintars laboratory with the participation of the best experts in their field. They have already received recognition from leading dentists and dental hygienists in Latvia and are the fastest growing category in the range.

At the end of 2022, Hypno Pharma launched a unique collection of body care products for relaxation rituals and better sleep.
More than 10 new products are currently in development and are expected to be launched during 2024.


We develop our products using the latest scientific advances to make them more than 95% natural.


Dzintars products speak for themselves - they are pure and simple at their core


We create products that are suitable for all generations - women and men, young and old. Everyone is a Dzintars person!


Positivity, colourful and cheerful - in packaging and communication. A source of joy and inspiration that is the Dzintars brand.

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