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We believe that we will become as big as Dzintars was historically and become the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the Baltic States.

History of Dzintars


In 1849, the talented soap manufacturer H.A.Briegers opened the first perfume factory in Riga. Within three generations, the company grew from a few employees to the dominant producer in the region. After World War II, the company changed hands and many of its secrets were lost. Until now.


From an early age, Heinrich Adolf Brieger wanted to make soap. But there was a shortage of masters in Riga, so his father sent the 17-year-old to study in modern-day Poland. In 1849, he returned from his studies and opened his first factory, which produced candles as well as soap. By 1852, he had already made a name for himself and helped to set up a guild of soap manufacturers.


By 1876, Brieger had turned his factory into a family business, investing in the education of his sons Florentin and Wilhelm. They perfected their own soaps and candles, while also branching out into the world of perfumery.


H.A. Brieger was a true pioneer in his field. His products won several prestigious awards, including the main prizes in Brussels (1891), Paris (1892), St Petersburg (1893), Chicago (1893) and at the 700th Birthday Exhibition in Riga (1901).


By the turn of the century, Brieger's company had become one of the largest manufacturers in Latvia. The company's product range had expanded to include not only soaps, candles and perfumes, but also toothpaste, petroleum jelly, powder, lipstick and just to name a few! Florentin ran the company and then handed over the management to his son Kurt and the third generation. Kurt graduated from the University of Zurich with a PhD in Chemistry and continued the family legacy.


Over time, it has grown into the well-known Dzintars, which for more than half a century has produced products that are an integral part of the daily beauty routine of millions of people. Since the 1960s, the quality and style of Dzintars' products have rivalled those of the then unavailable Western products, becoming an ambassador of Western style and culture for several generations

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