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To fulfil the commitment of the cosmetics product online shop www.dzintars.lv, hereinafter – “Dzintars E-store” that is operated by SIA “H.A.Brieger”, registered under the registration number 41503040345, having its registered seat at Malu Street 30, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia, hereinafter - “H.A.Brieger” to respect and protect the privacy of its customers and specifically the personal data entrusted to us, we have prepared this Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy explains what information Dzintars E-store collects about you, how the information will be used and your rights in relation to the use and protection of your personal information.

This Privacy Policy contains regulations that must be respected by all our customers.

If a Customer has visited Dzintars E-store and/or has purchased any products offered on the Website, it will be assumed that the Customer has read and agrees to the Privacy Policy (the privacy policy applies equally to registered users and also to customers who buy our products as guests).

If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you may not visit the Dzintars E-store, register or buy any products offered on the Website.

The Privacy Policy is an integral part of our Terms and Conditions.



When you visit Dzintars E-store, cookies enable access to data on the user’s device, IP address, web browser, visited websites and duration of such visits. The required cookies do not enable acquisition of the user’s personal identification data and expire at the end of session when you close the browser. We use the information obtained from cookies exclusively for technical purposes and to measure the attendance of our Website. The legal basis for using these cookies is to ensure the technical operation of the Website and to improve its functionality.

Any cookies are stored on a user’s device only with his/her informed consent (unless the cookies are required to enable the technical functioning of the Website). When you visit Dzintars E-store a cookie banner is displayed informing the visitors of the Website about the usage of cookies. By continuing to use the Website the Customer confirms that he/she has read the cookies policy and agree to our use of cookies on this Website. Thus, the legal basis of using cookies on the site is the user’s consent and the cookies are stored on the Web browser until you delete them. The cookies are used for ensuring the functionality of Dzintars E-store and to collect information on the most frequently used websites to better understand your needs and to advertise and promote different H.A.Brieger products.

If you refuse cookies, some functions of the Website may not be available or not work properly.

You can change, manage, or clear your browser cookie settings. For more information on how to control cookies based on your browser please consult: www.aboutcookies.org.

In case you have any questions regarding the use of cookies, please contact us via email: e-shop@dzintars.lv

Personal Data

We collect and process only those personal data that are required for attaining the goals for which the data are processed.

During your visit of Dzintars E-store, H.A.Brieger may collect, store and use the following personal data:

To sign up on Dzintars E-store: name, surname, e-mail address. The account of a registered user is used as the source of information and means of communication for entering into the distance contract.

When shopping at Dzintars E-store: name, surname, mobile number, shipment method, delivery address, payment method, payment details.

To purchase a gift card at Dzintars E-store: recipient’s first and last name and e-mail address.

To sign in on Dzintars E-store and to sign up for the latest news: Customer’s e-mail address.

Every time you visit Dzintars E-store: information about the Customer’s device, visits and purchases made on Dzintars E-store, including IP address, time, and date of signing up on Dzintars E-store.

Any other information that is provided by the Customer during the visit of Dzintars E-store, while making the purchase or when communicating with us.

Customers’ reviews (heading and text) on the purchases can be used and displayed at the particular cosmetics product or collected in a separate section. H.A.Brieger may contact the Customer in connection with the cosmetics products for which the Customer has left a review.

Use of personal data

Any personal data are used only for the purpose for which such data were provided by the Customer – processing and shipment of purchases, provision and receipt of information or for any other specific purpose and only for such purposes as specified in this Privacy Policy.

We can use the Customer’s personal data to:

give the Customer the possibility to use Dzintars E-store and the services offered on the Website;

enter into and perform the contract with the Customer;

deliver the goods purchased at Dzintars E-store;

ensure the Customer the possibility to return the goods purchased from Dzintars E-store;

issue bills and invoices;

collect and process payments;

send notifications and exchange notices with the Customer;

review order history;

send the Customer marketing and clienteling communications and other services related information which we deem necessary for the Customer (Please note that you can opt-out from receiving such information anytime by sending a respective opt-out request to e-shop@dzintars.lv or by clicking the link below the communication).

How long we keep your data?

We keep your personal data only for the time necessary to fulfil the purpose of collecting the same or for the time necessary to fulfil a legal obligation.

Data Disclosure

The collected Customer’s information and personal data will be disclosed exclusively to our staff members and cooperation partners who are duly authorized to access and use such information and who require the data for ensuring provision of the relevant service.

We may disclose the Customer’s private data also in case:

We are compelled to disclose such information by law;

We need to protect our rights and interests (including disclosure of such information to third persons for debt collection purposes).

No personal data are disclosed to third persons for any purposes not explicitly stated in the Privacy Policy.

Personal Data Safety

We process the Customers’ personal data in accordance with the data processing laws and data protection rules of the Republic of Latvia and the EU.

To ensure protection of the Customer’s personal data we use appropriate technical and organisational measures that ensure appropriate security of personal data, including protection against accidental or unauthorized destruction, modification, disclosure, or other unlawful processing.

If the Customer has lost or forgotten his/her password, he/she may reset it remotely by using the “Forgot Password” tool to reset it and receive a new password via e-mail.

The transmission of personal data over the Internet is generally known to be unsecure and we cannot guarantee save transmission of data over the Internet.

Customer’s Consent and Rights

When signing up for a user’s account with Dzintars E-store or using our services otherwise, inter alia when purchasing our products, the Customer confirms that he/she has read this Privacy Policy and agrees to be bound by its terms and grants us the right to collect, store, arrange, use and process all Customer’s personal data referred therein and transmitted to us during the use of Dzintars E-store for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

The Customer has the right to be anytime informed on the Customer’s personal data at our disposal by sending a respective inquiry via e-mail: e-shop@dzintars.lv. The Customer may equally request to have his/her personal data erased or rectified or to withdraw the consent to the processing of personal data.

If a Customer has concerns that his/her right to privacy has been violated, to handle this issue please contact us electronically via: e-shop@dzintars.lv. The Customer may also lodge a complaint with the EU Data Protection Authority based on his permanent residence. The list of the national data protection authorities can be found here: http://ec.europa.eu/newsroom/article29/item-detail.cfm?item_id=612080.

If the personal data are erased upon the Customer’s request, we retain only a copy of such information that is required to protect our or third person legitimate interests, perform any orders of official authorities, resolve disputes, handle issues, or perform any contract between us and the Customer.


If you register with our Website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password, user’s data, and other actions, including the data transferred by you when placing an order with Dzintars E-store. If the services of Dzintars E-store are used by any third person through the Customer’s registration data, we will assume that the data are transferred and used by the Customer.

The Customer is liable for the correctness, accuracy, completeness of the data supplied to us. In case of any changes in any earlier provided data (contact details) please update your registered user’s profile accordingly.

We assume no liability for any damages that are caused because of inaccuracy or incompleteness of the data provided by the Customer or his/her failure to notify us on any changes in the given data.

Privacy Policy Changes

We retain the right to update or change the Privacy Policy anytime. Such updated or modified Privacy Policy will take effect when posted on Dzintars E-store website.

Payment processing

Payment processing is provided by the payment platform makecommerce.lv, therefore our company transfers the personal data necessary for payment processing to the owner of the platform Maksekeskus AS.

Contact Details

In case you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact our Customer Data Controller:


Limited Liability Company SIA "H.A.Brieger"

Address Malu Street 30, Latvia, LV-1058

E-mail: e-shop@dzintars.lv

Phone: +371 20042863

Published: 04.03.2021

Last modified: 04.03.2021

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